About HisseyFit Maternity

My pregnancy book told me to wear my husband's clothes in the first few months of pregnancy. Come on!!!!

When I got pregnant with my first baby, I was admittedly a little excited to try out maternity clothes — I even thought of it as a new fashion adventure! I was still working out daily, on top of running errands and coffee meetups, and found out very quickly that there was a huge hole in the market for comfy, fashionable maternity activewear that (gasp!) fit my changing body and was good quality.

Three months after having my first baby girl (and not having my body back yet, because only those who are truly blessed experience the miracle of the snapback!), I found out I was pregnant again with my second little one.

After muddling through my first pregnancy in clothes that were uncomfortable, didn’t fit right, didn’t last, and were seemingly made for someone much younger than me (come on, t-shirts with silly sayings — I’m almost 40 years old!), I decided it was time to fill the gap in the market.

It was then that HisseyFit was born. (Pun intended)

I went to work designing a line of maternity activewear that would live up to the fashion and comfort standards and expectations I was used to when I wasn’t pregnant.

And here’s the best part, mamas: no strap-on bellies were used in the production of this line. Each piece has been developed to fit a real woman’s body throughout the various stages of pregnancy, with the goal of creating maternity clothes that last for the entire nine months and into the fourth trimester, and even through multiple pregnancies.

This has been a labor of love.

Yes, another pregnancy pun. But can you blame me? I’ve been pregnant for four-and-a-half of the last five years! I recently gave birth to my fourth child and am launching Hisseyfit to the rest of the maternity world. It (almost!) makes me wish I was pregnant again - ALMOST - but the good news - I have been able to wear HisseyFit through my 4th trimester. And I can't wait to see all of you #hisseychicks wearing it too!