Maternity Activewear Reinvented

HisseyFit offers maternity activewear essentials that combine the fabric, fit, comfort and style you’re used to with your non-maternity comfies. The result? A collection of versatile, bump-friendly maternity leggings, tees and hoodies that stretch and grow with you while keeping you comfortable and fashionable through month nine and beyond.

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HisseyFit offers the versatility in maternity clothing you never thought possible. Choose from maternity t-shirts, maternity long sleeve tops, maternity sweatshirts or maternity leggings. Maternity Activewear for your inner chick! Check out our glowing #HisseyChicks in action!


Our Story

The Birth of Hisseyfit Maternity

Pregnant four times in a five-year span, HisseyFit founder Ali Hissey was tired of ill-fitting, low-quality, uncomfortable maternity clothing. So, she decided to create a collection of maternity activewear staples that’s not only comfortable, but also fashionable and high quality.

Cute. Comfy. Uncomplicated. HisseyFit Maternity.

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